How to reach us at the Arber refuge!

Getting to the Großer Arber:

How to get to the Arber by bus and train:

Forget the traffic and enjoy your trip from the very start:
the railway information service doesn’t just know the train timetables, but also when trams and buses run, and how long it takes to walk from the stop to the Arber Bergbahn valley station. We’ve already added the destination to the route planner for you. Use it to find your connection.


Getting to the Arber Refuge:

How to get to the Arber Refuge on foot:
In summer, a family-friendly hiking trail (hiking trail A) will take you straight from the valley station on the Großer Arber to the Arber Refuge in around 70 minutes. In winter, you can scale the King of the Bavarian Forest with touring skis or snow shoes on slope G and reach the Arber Refuge in around 90 minutes.

Taking the 6-person gondola lift to the Arber Refuge:
In summer and winter, you can also use the 6-person gondola lift to reach your refuge experience. You can use the gondola lift to reach the mountain station within the usual opening times and at the usual prices. Once you’re there, a glass panoramic elevator awaits to take you from the mountain station to the Arber Refuge.